NaturePlast 2018 best wishes and news

Everyone at NaturePlast-BiopolyNov wishes you and your family a happy new year 2018! May this new year bring you health, joy, personal and professional success.

New online website

NaturePlast is delighted to present you its new website To this day, this website is one of the most thorough, grouping principals information on the bioplastics market and their environment (website translated in English, Spanish, German and Italian). You will find information about: their history, their origin, the different type of materials currently available on the global market, their process possibilities, their application markets, their benefits and the different end of life possibilities they can offer.

In addition to the information on the bioplastics market, this website aims to introduce our team, our knowledge and our R&D and production equipments dedicated to biobased and/or biodegradable polymers.

More precisely, you will find information on our 3 bioplastics’ main ranges (raw materials, bioplastics compounds and biocomposites from natural fibers or by-products), expertise activities, training course, techno-economic studies as well as our R&D projects and the different French and European collaborative projects for which we are partners for several years.



NaturePlast’s Newsletter


So as to bring this website to life and to make it the more relevant and useful for your activity, NaturePlast commits regular updates on all the essential information and articles dealing with bioplastics. You will find all the latest market trends, new materials and project in development about this sector in constant evolution.

This information will be easier to access by the creation and sending of a quarterly newsletter regrouping all these essential evolutions to a well understanding of the bioplastics field.

We trust that you will get the most of the reading of this website, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on this market, our possibilities of coaching or only to subscribe to our newsletter.