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CORPOPLAST: recovery of agricultural by-products/waste material in the field of plastics engineering


The purpose of the COPROPLAST project is to propose to the different players in the field of plastics engineering, alternative solutions integrating local resources that are not in direct competition with human or animal food. It thus plans to study the deposits of by-products at the local level (Normandy) in collaboration with the AGRIAL cooperative. 

These by-products / waste materials are primarily obtained from agricultural activities (grains) and agro-food activities (fruits and vegetables). The creation of a synergy at the local level with a major player in its sector is very important, in the same way as an increased capacity of handling the resulting flows and provisions. These local resources will also allow significantly improving the environmental performances of the products offered, and so will the use of polymer matrices which are also biobased and at times biodegradable, depending on the applications. 

The recovery of by-products / waste material involves several innovative preparation steps in order to make them fit for use in plastics engineering and mixes to produce compounds that can be used by plastics converters. There are various planned applications, ranging from food packaging to products for horticulture and agriculture.


  • 2 partners
  • budget of 650k
  • Financiers :  Normandy region and FEDER
  • Execution period :  2015 – 2018
Région normandie


NaturePlast has been the driving force behind setting up project COPROPLAST, and has been ensuring its coordination since it was started in 2015. NaturePlast is in charge of the definition of compound formulations integrating by-products, their production and validation, as well as their industrialisation.