Research and Development concerning biopolymers

Biopolymers, like traditional plastics, generally require improvement of their properties to meet all the industrial specifications. Our laboratory in BiopolyNov is focused on your projects and will be able to offer you a customised solution, specifically developed to meet your requirements. From the time it was created in 2010, BiopolyNov remains the only private Research and Development centre in Europe dedicated solely to the modification/optimisation of bioplastic materials.
The BiopolyNov research and development centre was created by NaturePlast to develop customised formulations for our clients who cannot find any biopolymers that meet their expectations (as regards the properties of the materials as well as transformation problems) BiopolyNov’s experienced technical and scientific team was created to meet your requirements quickly and effectively. Today, it consists of an R&D head (15 years of experience), a technical manager (10 years of experience) and several project managers.
Since it was created, BiopolyNov has developed about a hundred formulations per year, either for our clients projects, participating in joint projects or for our internal R&D. Since it was created, the Research and Development centre has obtained a Research Tax Credit (CIR) authorisation and Innovation Tax Credit (CII) authorisation, which has helped our clients enjoy tax breaks for a part of the works entrusted to us, for both research and innovation projects.
Today, our R&D equipment has allowed us to internally develop formulations, to characterise them and implement them thus ensuring the quality of work, reactiveness and complete confidentiality. The effectiveness and quality of our work are based partly on the know-how developed by NaturePlast since it was created in 2007 and its knowledge about the sourcing of all biopolymers (as well as additives, loads, etc.) produced throughout the world and naturally, essential to our formulation work. It is thus the combination of the team’s intellectual know-how, the large selection of materials to be formulated approved by NaturePlast, and the fleet of BiopolyNov’s adapted equipment which has allowed us to be recognised as experts in the formulation of bioplastic materials today in Europe.

BiopolyNov specialises in 4 major categories:

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Development of formulations intended to improve or optimise one or several properties of an existing bioplastic to adapt it to an industrialist’s specifications. Biopolymers still do not have all the properties existing in the wide range of standard plastic materials, and thus need to be optimised. These works primarily pertain to a modification of the mechanical, thermal, and transformation properties of the already existing materials.

Development of formulations intended to be incorporated into an active ingredient which will then be leached when the biodegradable plastics degrade. In addition to this intrinsic capability of rapid degradation at the end-of-life of certain biopolymers, this range of biodegradable materials has an actual technological advantage and offers new functionalities of use.
Today, our work pertains to the use and incorporation of active ingredients like: attractant, repellent, nutritive, curative, depolluting. This list is not exhaustive, there are several other applications where using a release support may be relevant.

Development of formulations intended to adapt the service life of a product, and then optimising its degradation at the end of a desired period. The loss of mechanical properties of biodegradable materials may, for example, be modulated through a formulation (acceleration or slowing of the degradation) depending on a specified end-of-life process. Among other things, this advantage allows us to ensure that a product used in nature physically disappears without harming the environment (for example: a protection sleeve for young trees), and also modulating the service life of a product (for example: a vine support which must break after a few months).
Development of formulations containing a specific by-product as well as a plastic material (be it traditional, recycled, biobased, biodegradable, etc.). This new method of reclamation of by-products in the field of plastics engineering is of great interest to the industrialists at several levels:
  • Using a by-product or waste materials to manufacture a new raw material potentially associated with its container (circular economy)
  • A design imparted by the by-products which is very different in appearance (differentiation with a traditional plastic). This method of reclamation of by-products represents a major part of BiopolyNov’s work.