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Monitoring is an essential activity for any company, all the more for new markets which are evolving constantly like that of bioplastics.

A continuous technico-economic monitoring allows NaturePlast to possess a large amount of knowledge of the bioplastics market throughout the world (markets, applications, producers – current and future, technical centres/laboratories and specialised transformers, etc.).

NaturePlast thus offers industrialists the service of carrying out customised technico-economic monitoring operations that meet specific demands and problems.

Example of market study

  • General study concerning the bioplastics market (or specifically a type of material).
  • Study concerning substitution of materials/ products / packaging with bioplastic materials (and competition survey).
  • Study concerning the benefit of industrial development of new fillers or reinforcing fillers for applications in plastics engineering (fibre, by-products, etc.).
  • Study concerning the global manufacturers of semi-finished bioplastics product (films, sheets, fibres, etc.).
  • Other types of customised studies associated with our expertise in the bioplastics market.