Training for the bioplastics market

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These training sessions may be carried out on an intra or inter-company basis to best meet your requirements and demands and can thus take place on our site, your site, or your partners site.

These training sessions do not have pre-requisites regarding polymers and bioplastics and are created for plastics engineers as well as for end users.
They are an opportunity to present bioplastics and their environment in an extensive and detailed manner.

These training sessions also allow for training, at the same time and at the least possible costs, the different divisions of your company which will need to work together on a development project (technical, marketing, commercial, etc.).

The training may be generalised or specialised, focused on a specific problem.

It is possible to combine these training sessions with demonstrations of the implementation equipment (compounding, injection, extrusion, etc.)

NaturePlast has a registration number in its capacity as a training organisation with the French Labour Ministry.

These services can thus be included in your company’s training budget.


Learning the fundamentals of bioplastics

  • Definitions and standards
  • Market and economic data
  • End-of-life of bioplastics
  • Requirements and communication: the latest trends

Knowing their technical characteristics, the advantages and limits: production, properties, use and costs

  • Biosourced polymers identical to existing polymers
  • Polymers originating from biobased monomers
  • Polymers originating from microbial production
  • Polymers originating from biomass
  • Using natural fibres
  • What about oxodegradable materials?
  • Introduction to Life Cycle Assessments and environmental data

Choosing bioplastics depending on the components and associated functions

  • Classification and comparison of bioplastics / traditional plastics
  • Improvement of properties: examples of developments
  • Choosing the best material for my products: advantages and limitations of bioplastics